Bruce Dundee 3/4" x 4" Solid Oak In Gunstock

Installed for only $6.99 SF

Mirage 3/4" x 4 1/4" Wire Brushed Solid Oak in 5 Styles

Installed for only $8.99/SF

Mohawk Smart Strand Silk Reserve

10% off Mohawk Smart Strand Silk Reserve

Shaw Caress

10% off all Shaw Caress Carpet 

Bruce 2 1/4" Solid Oak in Gunstock

Installed for only $5.99/SF!

Full Sand & Refinish

Done with Dustless Equipment and Our Experienced Crews, ONLY $2.50/SF!

Shaw Stain-Resistant Carpet, $1.89/SF INSTALLED!

Includes removal of old carpet & pad, new 6 lb. rebond pad, carpet, installation, and moving your furniture!