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Finding new flooring at competitive prices is easy when you come to Floor Advisor for hardwood flooring, carpets, and many other choices. We offer our flooring options at appealing prices without compromising material or customer service quality because we understand the value of customer satisfaction. Other flooring installation companies may focus on rock-bottom prices, while others offer exceptional products and work at a high cost. Our flooring stores believe you shouldn’t need to choose between affordable flooring, impressive materials, and expert workmanship. You can visit our locations to explore a wide selection of colors, styles, and patterns in various flooring options, including engineered tiles, laminate, and luxury vinyl planks.

Our team performs careful and timely work when installing flooring at your home. We do everything we can to complete your new floors in a respectable timeframe without cutting corners or sacrificing work quality. Imagine a plush, colorful carpet in your family room or basement or hardwood in your living room with a light color to open the space. We have flooring solutions for every room in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and dens.

What flooring options does floor advisor offer?

Floor Advisor’s stores house a broad range of flooring choices to fit your aesthetic style, domestic needs, and budget. We offer hardwood in various stains and finishes, carpets varying in thicknesses, colors, and patterns, and cost-effective laminate flooring to cover nearly any surface. Your flooring decision should reflect your personal tastes and match or complement your home’s design and décor. Our team will walk you through our materials and the many available variations. You can choose from any of the following flooring options:

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is a durable flooring choice that adds beauty to any room. LVP has enhanced appearance and durability benefits, plus you get all the same benefits as regular vinyl flooring. The manufacturing process involves 3D printing to achieve a highly realistic mimicry of flooring materials like hardwood and tiles, but you pay a lower price for LVP. The planks are also several times thicker than regular vinyl flooring, so they’re more durable. LVP planks are composed of several layers of materials, making them more resistant to dents, scratches, scuffs, and tears. Floor Advisor has a broad range of colors and designs to consider installing in your home.

Carpet flooring

You can add carpets to your home to add warmth, comfort, and sound dampening properties to any room at a lower price than other flooring materials. Floor Advisor offers customers a wide array of carpet options in various colors, patterns, and styles. We have countless choices available at a broad range of prices. While looking through the carpet, our team can advise you on various factors like carpet construction, fiber type, and texture. We can also inform you about other features like solution dyeing and continuous dyeing. You’re sure to find a carpet with a look and feel you love for your bedroom, family, or any other room.

Laminate flooring

Add convenience and cost-effectiveness to your new floor installation with laminate flooring. Laminate offers a genuine, wood-like appearance at a lower cost than hardwood. This flooring material is made with composite wood manufacturers press together at high temperatures. You can get a wide array of appearances because of the scan and print process on the laminate’s surface. Laminate floors are easy to clean and durable, resisting dents and scratches from regular use. You’ll also save time and money by choosing laminate. The uniform boards make installation quicker, and our team can install laminate on concrete, pre-existing floors, and nearly any other surface.

Engineered tiles

If you love the look of porcelain or ceramic tiles but don’t want the drawbacks, engineered tiles may be an ideal alternative. It can be difficult to clean porcelain and ceramic tile surfaces because of their grout lines, and walking on their cold, hard surfaces can be uncomfortable. With engineered tiles, you get a softer, warmer feel paired with a realistic stone appearance. Manufacturers use high-fidelity scans to achieve a highly realistic look, and engineered tiles come in a broad range of looks. These tiles don’t require grout during installation, so you’ll save money on the process.

Hardwood flooring

Homeowners love hardwood flooring when updating their spaces with a residential flooring installation. This option is long-lasting and elegant, adding color, character, and visual interest to your home’s interior while improving your property value. You’ll also enjoy hardwood’s low-maintenance qualities, and you don’t worry about allergens, stains, dust, or mites collecting since this material has no fibers. You can benefit from hardwood improving air quality if you have allergies because there are no grout lines to trap dirt and debris.

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Floor Advisor looks forward to working with you to enhance your home’s appearance, comfort, and value with new flooring. Our extensive selection of flooring options and impressive flooring installation services ensure you get the most out of your home investment. Contact us today in Lorton, VA to schedule an appointment and start your project.