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Gainesville / Leesburg/Alexandria Virginia
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Waterproof Flooring
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Gainesville’s Best Resource for Hardwood Floor Installation

We’ve been in the business of selling and installing carpet, waterproof floors, tiles, laminate, and engineered or solid hardwood floors to customers for over twenty years. We believe the quality of materials and the quality of customer service form the bedrock of our reputation.

We give you an honest quote and communicate every step of your project to you before beginning so you can be sure you’re getting a top-notch service.

About Floor Advisor

We are a family owned & operated business that has been satisfying customers for over 20 years in Gainesville and Leesburg. Our process is simple; a complete and thorough assessment of your needs, a full explanation of the project, a quote with complete break down of all costs involved, and a professional installation by our experienced crew. And because of our low operating costs, our clients get the best of both worlds, great price, and personalized service. We will come to you for a complimentary consultation.

We Give Back to Our Community

We can’t be a part of the community if we don’t give back. As a part of our commitment to our community, we donate a portion of our net monthly sales to Haymarket Regional Food Pantry. As a father, I always think about how difficult it must be for other parents who are unable to feed their family. We regularly buy food for the pantry, and I hope I can do more through contributions to this business.

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We’re Versatile Enough to Install Any Kind of Floor

We have the experience needed to handle any kind of job. We’re able to install numerous flooring options, including:


There are two types of hardwood floors, solid and engineered. Solid wood, as the name describes, is a solid piece of wood, stained (or not), and then finished with polyurethane. It may also come “unfinished”, so that it can be stained to your specification and finished after being installed. Solid wood is usually ¾” thick, and comes in random lengths. Species, width, and selectiveness determine the cost. Only recommended installation for solid wood is nail/staple down. Engineered floors are multi-layered with a “face”, the top layer is the actual wood species. Similar to solids, they come in a variety of species, stains, and widths. They are usually 3/8” or ½” thick, can be installed nail/staple down, glue down, or float. Concrete surfaces require engineered floors, as they can’t be nailed into. Generally speaking, they tend to cost less than a similar solid version, providing a cost-effective option for upgrading to hardwood. Engineered floors are not laminate.

Waterproof Floors

The most common concerns with wood floors are scratching and damage due to moisture exposure from pets and spilling. These floors solve both of these. The construction is usually a fused printed face onto a PVC or polymer core with (or without) a rubber or cork backing. This construction allows the planks to be 100% waterproof, as there are no wood or paper material. Because of using the embossing of grains & knots into the boards, the final product is very much like real wood. Waterproof planks can’t be scratched, there is no polyurethane. And as a final bonus, they are usually offered in very wide planks to give you the best possible look. This product is by far the fastest growing flooring in residential floors. If you have dogs that are hard on hardwood floors, give this product a very close consideration.


Usually installed “wall-to-wall”, carpet is an extremely cost-effective and comfortable flooring surface. Thanks to the latest repellence coating technology, most carpets are manufactured with stain resistance built into their fabrics, dramatically reducing the likelihood of permanent staining and allergen absorption. “Wall-to-wall” installation is accomplished by nailing tack strips in the parameter of the room, and the carpet is stretched and fastened over foam padding. The padding is essential to the feel and life of the carpet.


Completely man-made flooring, made with pressed boards and a printed veneer. The veneer is usually a woodprint, but stone or tile prints are offered as well. Laminates are scratch resistant and extremely durable, making them suitable for high traffic settings. Look-alike textured boards create laminates that are very difficult to distinguish from real wood. They are a very cost-effective option that can be float installed on both wood and concrete subfloors. We also offer waterproof laminate options. Do not overlook laminate as an option.

Engineered Tiles

This is an excellent alternative to ceramic/porcelain tiles for two reasons: no grout is required and it can be glued to existing floors, so there is no need to remove existing vinyl sheets or to install cement boards. This will save a substantial amount from the labor cost of tile installation. Since it is a print, there are many different designs & sizes to choose from. If you want a more traditional tile look, it can always be installed with grout as well.


new water resistant floor in living room


Installation is an extremely important part of the project. Once you have selected what type of floor to install, our experienced crews will install them thoroughly and efficiently. We never hire random subcontractors, our crews work strictly for Floor Advisor. We frequently visit our installation crew on sight to make sure that the project is proceeding as planned. Your confidence & convenience during installation is our top priority. All our professional installers have 10 or more years of experience.

The length of the installation process depends on the size and type of installation, amount of furniture (if any), and the type of floor being removed (if any). Most carpet installations can be completed on the same day, whereas tile installation requires an extra day for grouting. Sand & refinishing has a drying stage and based on size, can take 2 or more days. We can give you an accurate time estimate at your home consultation.

In-Home Measurements

We offer in-home measurements! Our estimates are very detailed, providing a line-by-line explanation of the work & cost involved. All customers appreciate clarity and transparency. We provide a verbal, on-sight estimate and an emailed copy within 24 hours. Please contact us for assistance.


We offer Synchrony through Mohawk for financial assistance. Please contact us for information.

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