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You can turn to Floor Advisor when you need flooring at a competitive price without sacrificing quality or service. We are a flooring installation company with a huge selection of flooring options in a broad range of colors, patterns, and styles. Our team can help you choose a perfect solution for your home’s floors and install it with timely, careful work. You deserve a flooring solutions provider with years of experience and a commitment to quality materials and customer service. We offer all these traits at several locations and always make your satisfaction our top priority.

Let us guide you through our inventory of carpets, hardwood, tiles, and other flooring choices to discover a look matching your personal style while fitting within your budget. You can select a plush, colorful carpet for your den or family room as a soft place for children and pets to play and relax, or you might decide a dark-stained hardwood floor would be ideal in your living room or dining room. Our team can provide exceptional choices for any room in your house, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and basements.

Flooring options for any room in your home

Before scheduling your residential flooring installation, you need to pick out flooring at one of our flooring stores. Our team specializes in working with customers to narrow their choices to the materials, colors, patterns, and benefits closest to their goals and needs. We understand no two customers have the same style, budget, or preferences for their homes, so we let each homeowner’s unique vision and priorities direct us to the right flooring options. You might choose to invest in timeless hardwood in your study or favor more cost-effective laminate flooring. Whatever your personal style is, we’ll help you sort through your favorite choices from all the following flooring options:

Engineered tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles may look beautiful but come with their fair share of drawbacks. These tiles can be challenging to clean with their grout lines collecting dirt and stains, and you may not enjoy walking on their hard, cold surfaces. Engineered tiles are an ideal alternative with their realistic stone appearance and softer, warmer feel. When producing engineered tiles, manufacturers create a realistic stone look using high-fidelity scans, and you can get a broad range of looks. You’ll also save money on installation since these tiles don’t require any grout.

Hardwood flooring

New hardwood flooring is a favorite among homeowners because it’s a long-lasting, elegant option for homes. This flooring option adds color, visual interest, and character to any room and increases a home’s value. Hardwood’s appearance isn’t the only benefit it offers. You only need to periodically sweep, steam, or vacuum this low-maintenance flooring material. Without fibers, allergens, dust, stains, and mites cannot collect on the hardwood. People with allergies can also benefit from hardwood flooring because it can improve air quality with no grout lines to trap dirt or debris.

Laminate flooring

Installing laminate flooring is both convenient and cost-effective. This flooring option gives your floor a genuine wood appearance without the high costs of hardwood. Manufacturers make laminate out of composite wood they press together at high temperatures and then scan and print to create beautiful, realistic looks on its surface. Floor Advisor carries a wide array of laminate appearances you can look through, and the installation process is quicker and saves you money because the boards are uniform. Some benefits of laminate include an easy-to-clean surface, durability for less chance of dents and scratches, and allergens’ inability to cling to it. We can install laminate flooring on virtually any surface, including pre-existing floors and concrete.

Carpet flooring

Carpets can add comfort and warmth to a room while dampening noise, and it comes at an appealing price. Floor Advisor has a broad range of styles, patterns, and colors to consider, and you’re sure to find an option fitting your budget. Our team will help you sort through our selection while considering various factors, such as each carpet’s texture, construction, and fiber type. You may also want our advice about going with a carpet with solution dyeing or continuous dyeing. Whatever your flooring choices may be, we can match you with carpets for any room in your home.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

If you need a durable, beautiful floor in any room in your home, we recommend luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. This option provides all the same features as regular vinyl flooring but goes beyond in appearance and strength. Using 3D printing in the manufacturing process lets producers create a highly realistic appearance of genuine hardwood, tiles, and other flooring materials, but it comes at a lower cost. LVP planks are also several times thicker than standard vinyl, making them more durable. The several layers composing LVP planks make your floor resistant to tears, scuffs, scratches, and dents. You can select LVP in a wide array of colors and designs for your new floor installation.

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