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When looking at flooring installation companies in Virginia, you want to find one with ample experience, a proven history of satisfied customers, and an impressive selection of flooring options. Floor Advisor offers all these traits with our assortment of hardwood, carpet, engineered tile, laminate, and luxury vinyl plank flooring. Our flooring stores proudly serve various communities in the area, including Annandale, VA. Your new floor installation depends on highly skilled flooring specialists, and our team’s expertise and careful process ensure you get the best possible results.

We will also help you pick out which flooring option meets your aesthetic style, domestic needs, and budget. Let us help you navigate countless colors, designs, and materials to find options suiting your bathrooms, kitchen, basement, and anywhere else you need flooring. While performing residential flooring installations, we treat your home with the utmost care and respect while putting in thoughtful but timely work with attention to detail.

Beautiful flooring options for your home

Floor Advisor’s selection of flooring materials covers a wide array of home enhancement needs. We can help you choose and install an option fitting your specific needs in appearance, comfort, durability, and even home value impact. Traditional options like hardwood and tiles can add a classic elegance to your rooms with warm wood tones and cool, natural stone. However, some rooms need more protection for your feet or against spills and scuffs. A plush carpet in your family room or basement gives children a soft surface on which to play and enjoy their leisure time, while innovative options like luxury vinyl plank and waterproof flooring stand up to daily use and moisture with an appealing look. Our flooring selection includes all the following options for your home:

Hardwood flooring

If you want a long-lasting, classically elegant flooring choice in your home, hardwood is one of the most desired choices. This flooring material adds character, visual interest, and color to any room while raising your property value. Hardwood also offers many benefits outside its appearance. You enjoy its low maintenance with simple sweeping, steaming, or vacuuming. There are no fibers, so dust, stains, allergens, and mites are not problems you need to worry about. Hardwood is an ideal choice if you suffer from allergies because it improves air quality with its lack of fibers or grout lines trapping dirt and debris.

Laminate flooring

You enjoy convenient and cost-effective flooring when you buy and install laminate flooring. These floors give your room a genuine, wood-like appearance at a fraction of the cost. Manufacturers make laminate flooring out of composite wood they press together at high temperatures. They then scan and print beautiful and realistic appearances on the laminate. You can choose from a broad range of looks suiting your home’s design and décor. We can finish installing laminate floors quicker because the boards are uniform, saving you time and money. These boards are also easy to keep clean, and allergens don’t cling to your floor’s surface. Laminate is especially durable and doesn’t dent or scratch easily. We can install laminate floors on nearly any surface, such as concrete and pre-existing floors.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is an outstanding choice for nearly any room in your home. This flooring option offers all the same benefits as regular vinyl flooring but with enhancements. Manufacturers use 3D printing to create these planks and closely mimic other flooring materials, such as tiles and hardwood. You get an incredibly realistic appearance at a lower cost, and we have a broad range of colors and designs for you to consider at our flooring stores. Luxury vinyl planks are also several times thicker than regular vinyl flooring, increasing their durability. The several layers comprising LVP also make it resistant to scratches, dents, tears, and scuffs.

Engineered tiles

While porcelain and ceramic tiles have a beautiful look, they also have drawbacks. Cleaning them can be difficult with grout between each tile, and stone tiles are hard cold surfaces. Our engineered tiles give you a realistic stone tile look, but you’ll feel comfortable standing and walking on a softer, warmer surface. Manufacturers make these tiles with beautiful, high-fidelity scans to ensure they match various looks. We do not need to use grout to install engineered tiles, and the process is less expensive.

Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring dampens noise in your home and gives it warmth and comfort at a more appealing price. We have a wide array of colors, styles, and patterns you can choose from to match your room’s aesthetic and budget. When choosing a carpet, you need to consider various factors, including its fiber type, construction, texture, and other options like solution dyeing or continuous dyeing. Our team will gladly walk you through our selection and advise you on which carpets match your needs.

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