Enjoy luxury vinyl flooring and its benefits

Considering all the facts about luxury vinyl flooring can yield outstanding results for floors that cater to every need and preference. These products offer beauty, durability, and a lifespan that serves the household well, even in your busiest spaces. More luxury vinyl facts will help to make this decision easier, so here are a few to help with the decision-making process for any remodel, large or small.

Luxury vinyl flooring does so much

No matter how many rooms you need to floor, luxury vinyl flooring is a perfect option in each space, thanks to many benefits. For instance, you'll find some of the most durable LVP flooring surfaces for even your busiest areas, with products that resist scratches, stains, dents, and tearing. These floors also offer complete waterproof protection, so you never have to worry about taking on water damage in laundry rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. Visual appeal is another need many homeowners have, and luxury vinyl flooring caters to that need with beautiful elements like solid colors, patterns, sizes, and installation layouts. In addition, some products look like natural tile, stone, and solid hardwood, with authentic textures and colors that match any décor. It’s worth the time to consider all the vinyl plank flooring choices that might meet your needs, ignoring those that do not. LVP flooring offers a quick and easy installation, especially if you opt for the floating floor option with a click-lock feature. The perimeters are secured by glue, allowing the rest of the flooring to be snapped into place for a superior fit. They're also easy to remove when replacing your flooring, saving you more time and money.

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Serving your flooring needs

Floor Advisor proudly serves communities with exceptional flooring solutions for their homes in places like Leesburg, Alexandria, and Gainesville, VA. Our luxury vinyl plank flooring is a prime example of how you can elevate your home’s appearance and value with high-quality material matching your aesthetic style. Vinyl flooring already has a wide array of benefits, and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring goes beyond what standard vinyl offers with various enhancements to make your flooring more beautiful and durable. 3D printing technology lets manufacturers design LVP to appear extremely similar to other flooring materials, including hardwood and tile. We have planks in different sizes and a huge selection of styles to give your home a more personal look. You can customize your new flooring to a specific look, such as wider, contemporary planks or smaller, more traditional ones. We provide customers with a wide selection of flooring options, including carpet, laminate, and engineering tiles. Luxury vinyl planks can fulfill your aesthetic goals while holding up against dents, tears, scratches, and other damage from daily use.

The difference between lvp & vinyl flooring

While both options are made from vinyl, luxury vinyl planks are several times thicker than regular vinyl. You get a more genuine look because LVP combines its thickness with 3D printing technology to achieve a highly realistic hardwood, tile, or another material appearance. LVP also has several layers comprising the planks to prevent damage from exposure to chairs, dropped plates and cookware, and other hazards.

This flooring material has less chance of scuffs, scratches, tears, and dents while maintaining its structure and design. Many people cannot tell the difference between their luxury vinyl plank flooring and other, more expensive materials like natural stone and hardwoods until they touch their flooring’s surface. Additionally, LVP is a more durable flooring option than vinyl flooring, and it can last longer if you provide the right care. You can use LVP almost anywhere you’d put other flooring options. Floor Advisor can install LVP in your home spaces instead of carpet, tile, hardwood, or regular vinyl. Another feature of luxury vinyl plank flooring is it comes in pieces, adding to a more sophisticated look.

Popular questions about lvp flooring

Homeowners tend to have questions about luxury vinyl plank flooring because it is a relatively newer flooring option than tile, hardwood, and other traditional choices. We’ve answered some of the most popular questions we receive from customers about LVP below:

  • What products should I use to clean LVP flooring? - Every manufacturer has its own recommendations on which specific products you should use on LVP. A general rule is you should never use harsh or abrasive waxes, polishes, or cleaners on this flooring. You don’t need them to maintain your LVP flooring’s beauty.
  • Can you install LVP over my existing flooring? - We can install luxury vinyl planks over your existing floors in some situations, but not in every case. Our team will advise you on the installation process and how it will apply to your specific project.
  • What precautions should I take to prevent damage to my LVP? - Luxury vinyl plank flooring is resistant to dents and scratches, but we still recommend using a floor protector when placing very heavy items on it, including appliances and furniture. If you install LVP in your office, you’ll want to protect your flooring from rolling desk chairs with a floor protector as well.
  • Can you install LVP in any room? - You can install LVP flooring in almost every room in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Its resistance to moisture and staining makes it a durable choice that keeps its beautiful appearance. However, we do not recommend installing LVP outdoors.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Gainesville, VA from Floor Advisor

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