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We’re Ashburn’s Premium Source for Engineered Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are undoubtedly beautiful, but they have a lot of drawbacks. For one, they are finicky to keep clean. The grout between each tile can stain and is very difficult to clean. Stone tiles are also cold, hard, and unforgiving surfaces. Fortunately, Floor Advisor offers a cheaper and better alternative to ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Engineered tiles replicate a stone tile look you’re searching for by using a composite stone base and other elements to transform what would be a cold and uncomfortable surface into a warmer, softer, and more comfortable one. Gorgeous, high-fidelity scans make these tiles match a variety of looks and fit in seamlessly, while still managing to be stunning. Engineered Tiles are a great alternative to real tiles because they do not require grout and are less expensive to install. It’s hard to go wrong with engineered tile.

remodeled bathroom

Replicate Stone Tiles Look Without the Drawbacks

Replacing your existing bathroom or kitchen floors with engineered tiles is a cost-effective way to achieve the look of marble, quartz, or ceramic tiles without the cold and unpleasant feeling that accompanies walking on them barefoot. Engineered tiles have numerous benefits:

  • They are more resistant to cracks and dents: Natural stone is an unforgiving surface when it comes to cracks. Dropping a heavy object on a stone tile can leave you with a permanent dent — or worse. Engineered tiles are far more resistant to cracking and denting.
  • Engineered tiles are easier to install: Easy installation equals a more cost-efficient process for you. We can install engineered tile much quicker than stone tile because it does not require grout.
  • They are much easier to clean: All stone requires specific cleaning methods. Traditional household cleaners can damage stone and ceramic tiles. Engineered tiles can be cleaned just as the rest of your house can.
  • They’re versatile in appearance: They come in a wide array of looks, including slate, travertine, marble, terracotta, or quartz.
  • We can add grout: While it doesn’t require grout, we can add it to your tile to create a more authentic look.

We Have the Experience to Give You a Seamless Experience

Floor Advisors have over twenty years of experience in the flooring business. We’re skilled at working with all surfaces. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to install premium solid hardwood floors or waterproof floors in your finished basement, we’re here to provide you with an honest estimate. We communicate every aspect of your project with you, and we strive to be as efficient as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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