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If you have a damaged area of carpet in your home, you may need to replace the entire carpet. If the damage is confined to a small area, however, it may be possible to repair it with a patch. If you have some DIY skills and you’d like to take a run at it, here’s the technique that a pro would use.

Gather the Tools and Materials

You’ll need to have a carpet knife, a seam roller, and an old brush or comb. As for the materials, you’ll need double sided carpet tape, some heavy fabric like burlap, a remnant of the original carpet, or an inconspicuous spot where you can cut a patch of the original carpet to use in the process

Cut Out the Damage

Using the carpet knife, cut a rectangle or triangle around the damaged area. Be careful to cut only the carpet, and not the padding underneath.

Cut the Patch

Cut a piece of carpet the same shape and size as the piece you cut out. If you have a remnant from the original carpet, that works. If you don’t however, you can cut a piece from an area that won’t show, like in a closet.

Prepare the Area

Lift the edge of the patch area and insert a piece of heavy fabric. Tuck it in so that the edges are under the edges of the carpet. The fabric will act as a backing so you’re not gluing the patch to the floor or to the padding. Remove the paper from one side of the carpet tape and apply the tape all along the perimeter of the area to be patched.

Place the Patch

Press the patch into the hole you’ve cut and press it down firmly. Carpet tape is very sticky and unforgiving, so if you inadvertently put the patch in incorrectly, it’s best to pull it back out and replace the tape.


Using a carpet roller, comb, or brush, rub across the patch in all directions to blend the nap with the rest of the carpeting.

Although patching a carpet is not terribly difficult, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional carpet installer to do the job for you. Floor Advisor is the flooring installation expert you can trust for high-quality flooring.

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