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If you have existing hardwood floors and want to install laminate over those floors, you can do so, but you must take a few things into consideration.

Check the Condition of the Existing Floor

If there are imperfections in the hardwood, they can affect the look of your new laminate flooring. If there are any floorboards that are buckled or angled up, you’ll need to sand them down smooth. Also, make sure that the flooring is solidly attached to the subfloor. If there are any protruding nails, you can remove them or hammer them down into the wood.

If the hardwood is wavy, you may need to take other steps to level it. In severe cases, you might need to use a floor levelling product. Another method would be to install a thin layer of plywood to the floor to provide a level base for the laminate.

Adjust any Doors, Baseboards, or Closet Doors

Installing the laminate will raise the level of the floor, so you need to check all the doors, baseboards, and closet doors for clearances. If possible, remove the baseboards and reinstall them after the laminate is down. For doors, you may need to trim the bottom edges so that the raised flooring won’t interfere with their operation.


To install laminate flooring over any existing floor material, you need an underlayment. The underlayment allows the floor to float, keeps it stable, adds noise reduction, and supports the locking system of the joints. If your laminate flooring comes with a built-in underlayment, you need no further preparation to begin the installation. If not, you simply roll out the underlayment, spread it to cover the existing floor, then tape it down so it doesn’t move. You can then begin the laminate installation.

Transition Strips

If your laminate flooring is going to end at an existing floor, as in a doorway, you’ll need transition strips to handle the difference in height of the two floors, as well as the seam between the two flooring materials.

Final Words

Installing laminate flooring over hardwood can mimic the look and feel of hardwood and can sometimes be less expensive than repairing and refinishing the original floor.

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