does laminate flooring increase home value?

does laminate flooring increase home value?

When you?re in the market for any type of home renovation or remodeling, one of the factors to consider is the return on investment you?ll receive from that project in a few years when you decide to sell your house. In general, the added value of a home renovation averages around 70% of the cost.

The greatest increases in value come from renovations that would add square footage to your home, like finishing a basement, or adding a room.

When prospective buyers look at your home, they pay attention to the floors. They want to see what type of flooring you have, what condition the flooring is in, and what level of maintenance will be required to keep the flooring in good shape. Wood floors seem to be more desirable, and you can realize a significant increase in resale value by replacing your carpet or linoleum with wood flooring.

In today?s market, there are two basic kinds of wood flooring to choose from, hardwood (which includes engineered hardwood) or?laminate flooring. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and the value they add also varies. A solid hardwood floor will add more value to your home than a laminate floor in most cases, but that?s not the whole story.

There are definite advantages to laminate floors.

  • Laminate flooring is much less expensive to purchase, and much easier to install. This makes laminate flooring a great option for anyone with a limited budget.
  • Laminate flooring is easy to maintain-A regular sweeping and damp mopping will keep a laminate floor looking good for fifteen to twenty years.
  • Laminate flooring is as hard as real hardwood but will not rot. This allows you to use laminate in bathrooms or kitchens in place of hardwood.

So then, does laminate flooring add value to your home? If your old floors are in bad shape, any new flooring will help. While solid?hardwood flooring?would add more value, laminate will give your home the look of hardwood at a much lower cost, will look good for years, and your return on investment should be solid.

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