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Floor Advisor Answers Questions About Carpet

Will I be able to see the carpet seams?

As long as you hire a quality carpet installer, the seams should not be visible. Properly trained technicians know to line up the seams to ensure proper flow, especially if the carpet is patterned.

Should I paint before or after the carpet is installed?

This age-old question has plagued home renovators for generations. At first, it may seem like the right answer is to paint the walls before laying down carpeting to avoid the possibility of spilling paint on the new floor. However, removing and replacing the old carpet is messy work. Sawdust may go flying, and the carpet rolls might need to lean up against the wall. There’s also a possibility of scuffing the floorboards or nicking the walls. By waiting until after the carpet installation to paint the walls, you avoid needing extra touchups later.

Why is my new carpet shedding?

Shedding, or the release of fibers with foot traffic or vacuuming, is a normal characteristic of cut pile carpets. This should diminish within a few months, but carpet shedding could continue to a small extent throughout the product’s lifespan.

How can I prevent permanent carpet dents?

Heavy furniture sitting on your carpet compresses the fibers and makes the flooring look matted if you decide to rearrange the furniture. You can prevent carpet dents by using furniture coasters, which distributes the weight of a sofa or armchair over a larger surface area for a less pronounced indentation.

Why can the color of the carpet look different at home?

When you examine carpet samples at the store, you may think you found the perfect color and pattern for your living room or basement. However, lighting can have a surprisingly significant effect on the appearance of carpet fibers, whether from one building to another or simply at different times of the day. Therefore, it’s vital to take samples home with you and view them under realistic lighting conditions.

Will the color of my carpet fade over time?

This depends on several factors, including the dye method and carpet material you choose. Solution-dyed polyester and Olefin carpets are praised for their fade resistance. The fibers are also less likely to fade if you protect your flooring from direct sun exposure.

Is carpet recommended for someone with allergies?

Hardwood, laminate, and engineered tile flooring are ideal for allergy sufferers, but if you have your heart set on carpet, nylon is the most allergy-controlling material available. Short, tightly woven strands also give allergens fewer places to hide. Other tips include taking off your shoes when you enter the house and keeping furry pets out of carpeted rooms, if possible.

What type of vacuum cleaner do I need for my carpet?

The most versatile vacuums are adjustable to work on hard floors and carpets of different pile heights. Whether you prefer bagged or bagless, upright or robotic vacuum cleaners, make sure you vacuum at least twice a week—more in high-traffic areas or if you have pets—to remove dirt, dust, and hair that can damage carpet fibers.

How often do I need to clean my carpet?

Along with routine vacuuming, it’s wise to deep-clean your carpet once a year. Professional carpet cleaning services can remove embedded dirt and stains that your vacuum may be missing.

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