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The De Beers Corporation once coined a slogan to sell their diamonds. The slogan was “a diamond is forever”. While that may be true of diamonds, sadly it doesn’t apply to carpet. Like most flooring options, the carpet wears out over time. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your carpet?  Here are some signs that it may be time to start shopping.


If your carpet is stained, you may be able to remove the stains by cleaning the carpet, but some stains are almost impossible to get out of, even for professionals. While you may be able to hide some stains with furniture, if the stains are permanent, you’ll likely need to start shopping for a new carpet.


The usual lifespan of a carpet is from 5 to 15 years. It depends on the type of carpet, the carpet padding, how often the carpet is professionally cleaned, the type of fibers used in the carpet, and the level of wear and tear that the carpet is exposed to. The size of your family, the amount of foot traffic your carpet endures, the presence of pets, and the quality of the carpet padding can all affect the life of the carpet. While there’s no set time limit for carpet, there are usually physical indicators to tell you when it’s time to replace it.


Like stains, smells can limit the life of your carpet. If you have children or pets, or if you have spilled certain foods or liquids on your carpet, there may be odors that just won’t go away, no matter what you do to clean the carpet.

Visible Damage

Carpets can be damaged by burns, water, cuts, or excessive wear. Often, you may see wrinkles in the carpet, or the carpet may be matted from too much foot traffic. If the damage is minor and confined to a small area, an experienced professional can patch the carpet, but otherwise, you may need to replace it altogether.

Allergies or Respiratory Issues

If you or your family members seem to be having increased allergy symptoms, your carpet may be to blame. It’s a good idea to question the age of the carpet and how long these symptoms have been occurring. Older carpet tends to hold in mold, mildew, and even dirt, and these can adversely affect your health.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you should consider replacing the carpet. For information about various available carpet options, click this link.

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