What Floor to Choose?

What is the best floor for me?
When considering a floor for your home, you should consider some basic factors:  traffic, use, expected life, and potential resale value.  Steps, hallways, kitchen/breakfast areas, and foyers are generally high traffic areas in a home.  Choosing a suitable floor can help minimize the effects of traffic on these areas.  Kitchens, laundry/mud rooms, and foyers are also likely to have more exposure to water and moisture.  This should be taken into consideration when selecting a floor for these areas.  If the house will be listed for sale in near future, in addition to cost consideration, added value to the property is an important factor. 
What are the costs involved?
These are some basic costs:
Subfloor/Prep Work.
Moving Furniture.
How long does it take to complete?
The time for installation varies by type of flooring selected.  Carpet is the quickest, as it comes in a 12’ or 15’ width.  Tiles are the slowest, they are slow to install & require it to be set & dried before grouting.  All other fall between these.  Sand & refinish requires a dry time of about 8-12 hours per coat of poly, and can’t be walked on during this time.  The type of floor being removed also can effect the total time needed.  At our consultation, we can give you an assessment of how long your specific project may take.  Contact Us for a complimentary consultation.


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